Buttons have an OnClick event that you can hook up to a script. You can pass parameters to that script and get values generated in the script back.

If you want to create a Submit button to fetch a file from the server and provide it to the user as a download, you can do it by creating a script that contains an Open File component. The component will point to a file that the users will be prompted to download.

Add a button


  1. Text

    The text on the button.
  2. Bold

    Make the button text bold.
  3. Italic

    Make the button text italic.
  4. Type

    Change the font type of the button text.
  5. Size

    Change the font size of the button text.
  6. Underline

    Underline the button text.
  7. Colour

    Change the colour of the button text.
  8. Tool Tip

    The tooltip that shows when users hover on the button.
  9. Visible

    Set to False if you don't want this control to render on the page and be visible to the user.


  1. Click

    An event that triggers when the button is clicked.