Stadium Designer

The Stadium Designer is a Windows desktop application that lets you design and generate professional ASP.NET MVC 5 applications in minutes.

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Simple Design

You can design professional web applications in four simple steps

  1. Select controls, such as Data Grids, Form Fields, Labels, Buttons and drag them onto web pages
  2. Write SQL and populate controls with data from a variety of connectors
  3. Visually create behaviours by dragging actions onto the canvas of the Stadium script builder
  4. Use events to make your pages interactive and attach behaviours to controls

Pages and Controls

Use grids, panels or even tables to arrange a wide range of controls on web pages in our visual page builder. Drag and drop controls into place to show DataGrids, generate capture and edit forms with our form wizard or just drag on checkboxes, drop-downs, textboxes, buttons, radio buttons, file uploads and many more controls to make your own forms.


Place common controls, such as menus on templates and share them amongst multiple pages. Templates are as easy to create as pages, simply by dragging controls onto a canvas.


Use your own SQL or Oracle databases or connect to any data source using ODBC. Then write your queries and hook them up to controls to quickly populate DataGrids, create dynamic drop-downs, radio button and checkbox lists with your own data.

Scripts and Actions

Create scripts visually by dragging actions onto a canvas. Then hook up events to call scripts when users click buttons or links. In scripts you can execute SQL, call web services, fetch files, show message boxes and much more all controlled using common programming concepts, such as If/Else, ForEach and the like.